Cinders & Cream is an upcoming SFW fanzine dedicated to the Villains and Antagonists of the Cookie Run franchise including Kingdom, Ovenbreak, and more! We hope to explore these characters, their motivations, and their lives outside of the Oven as they explore Earthbread and all it has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fanzine?
A fanzine is an unofficial collaborative collection of artworks and writing, usually based on a theme, combined into a booklet.
What is this zine about?
This zine is focused on the Villains and Antagonists of the Cookie Run franchise. It's meant to explore them as characters, their motivations, and lives in the Cookie Kingdom & outside the Oven.
What is the rating for this zine?
E for Everyone, though it may contain canon-typical violence. Reader discretion is advised.
Is this zine physical or digital?
This will be determined by our Interest Check! We are planning for digital & hoping for physical.
Will there be merch?
Regardless of physical release, this zine will have digital merch at the very least.
Which characters are allowed in the zine?
As our primary focus is on the Villains/Antagonists in the Cookie Run franchise, they are the main characters allowed in the zine. 'Monsters' from the game are also allowed to appear in works. Use of Protagonists and Side Characters in contributors’ works will be subject to approval.
Are ships allowed in the zine?
No. We will not be including shipping content in this zine.
Who is allowed to apply as a contributor?
Contributors who are 16+ at the time of application are welcome to apply! Small creators will be considered just as much as those with a large following. Applicants must follow the guides for submission.
Do I need a Discord account?
Yes, Discord will be our primary form of communication. If you do not have an account, you will need to make one.
Can I apply for more than one role?
You may apply for more than one role, but keep in mind you may not be accepted for multiple roles.
Are contributors allowed to collaborate?
Yes! However, collaboration pieces between contributors are separate from their solo works and come secondary.
Can I submit an older piece for this zine?
No. All work submitted to the zine must be previously unpublished and brand new.
What happens to zine pieces after the project ends?
Contributors retain full ownership over their piece and retain the right to do as they wish with said piece after the zine concludes! We only ask that contributors not share or post their pieces until after the mods grant such permissions.
How will contributors be compensated?
Contributors will be compensated with a full digital package at the very least. If we go physical, there are hopes we can compensate contributors with a physical zine copy or merch bundle.
Where will the zine’s profits go?
This is to be determined by the Interest Check!


Project AnnouncementMar 1
Interest CheckMar 8 - Apr 5
Contributor AppsApr 15 - May 13
App Results SentMay 20
Server Join DeadlineMay 27
Pitch PeriodMay 31 - June 10
Check In 1July 1
Check In 2Aug 1
Check In 3Sept 1
Final SubmissionsSept 30


  • Applicants must be at least 16 years of age at the time of application to apply. No exceptions.

  • Do not submit NSFW work in your application. This is a SFW zine.

  • All works submitted must be created by the applicant. Absolutely no plagiarism will be tolerated.

  • Any links submitted must be accessible to us. Please ensure that permissions are set to allow us to view and properly assess your application. If we cannot access your portfolio, we will be forced to consider your application null.

  • While you may apply for more than one role, it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted for multiple positions.

  • We will ask about pinch hitters on the application. If you are interested, please indicate as such on your application!

For more detailed guidelines, please see our Info Doc!


Head Mod & Art Mod

hello! i'm alice - a graphic designer, writer, and illustrator that loves videogames and cats!


Social Media Mod

Hi! I'm V and I like bad cookies >:3

TK / Atlas

Organization Mod

Hey I'm Atlas! local social media fiend and a profoundly unlucky gacha gamer 💔


Writing Mod

girl help, the cookies are taking over my life


General Mod

hi i’m belle and i’ve never tried a girl scout cookie but i sure would like to


Graphics/Formatting Mod

Hello! I'm Kai, an illustrator and graphic designer with a passion for typography and color theory. I'm a menace to society who enjoys Cookie Run (Ovenbreak and Kingdom), Vocaloid and TF2. I'm so excited to be a part of this zine!